What to Bring

  • This is a family event, so bring your kids.
  • Bring your Hebraic musical instruments (e.g., shofar, tambourine, hand drums) and worship flags and banners.
  • Davidic dancing will be occurring for all to participate in during praise and worship times. So bring shoes appropriate to dance in (barn wood floor).
  • Bring your Bible, notebook, and writing utensils. All teaching sessions will be filmed and uploaded to the Hoshana Rabbah YouTube channel after Shavuot.
  • Bring all of your own eating utensils. Several grocery stores are located in Wilsonville, with the Lamb’s Natural Choice Market almost across the street from the park for you to purchase food and picnic supplies if you need. To maintain the sanctity of the Sabbath, please purchase your food and supplies by Friday afternoon before the weekly Sabbath (Saturday) and the Feast of Shavuot (Sunday).
  • We never know what the weather will be like in western Oregon in late May and early June. It may be warm and sunny (in the 60s or 70s — perhaps even 80s — during this time) or it could be on the cool side with rain. Since our services are being held in a barn with open spaces between the barn boards, please bring warm clothing including warm coats just in case!
  • If you’re bringing young children, please bring quiet toys for them to play with during the services. An area will be provided in the back of the room for children to play quietly with each other during services. We are kid friendly and love kids! Kids are free to act like kids as long as they’re not disruptive. There will be plenty of time during breaks and meal times for kids to run around and to burn off energy in the park area outside. You’re welcome to bring balls and other outdoor play toys for your youngsters.
  • Dress is nice casual. If you dress up too much, you’ll feel out of place — especially in our meeting hall, which is a large, historic barn! We ask our ladies and men to dress modestly as if our King Yeshua were present — because he is! Women are welcome to wear head coverings in the assembly and encouraged to if speaking, prophesying or praying as per Paul’s instructions in First Corinthians 11. You are welcome to dress in Hebraic attire if you wish. Some of us will be celebrating our Hebrew roots in this manner. Head coverings aren’t required for men, although we encourage you to wear tzitzit (fringes or tassels), since this a Torah command. If you don’t have any to wear, come anyway. We’ll love you just the same.
  • The most important thing to bring is yourself and your heart attitude to come before Yeshua the Messiah, our King of kings, to learn and to grow spiritually, to draw closer to him and to fellowship with other like-minded believers who also are returning to the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

See you there!