Welcome to Shavuot Northwest 2014 Regional Gathering

You’re invited to Shavuot Northwest 2014…

Shavuot NW 2014 in Wilsonville, Oregon, June 7-8, 2014, Feast of Weeks - Pentecost
Whether you’re new to the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, or you’ve been in this spiritual walk for awhile, Shavuot Northwest in Wilsonville, Oregon will offers something for everyone.

For the newbies, it will be a great place to be introduced in an exciting manner to the Hebrew or biblical roots of Christianity including the biblical feasts. Here you will learn about that famous Day of Pentecost.

Curiously, though the Christian church believes it had its beginnings on that day in the upper room in Acts chapter two, they don’t celebrate this biblical feast as the Bible commands and as the early church did. Even more ironic is the fact that a whole branch of Christianity calls itself Pentecostal, but they neither celebrate this biblical holiday and teach little if anything about it, sadly. Attending Shavuot is an opportunity for to put action to your biblical faith.

For those who have experience celebrating the biblical feasts, at our Shavuot gathering, we will present you with fresh, Spirit-inspired insights that will help bring you to a higher level in your understanding and bring you closer to YHVH-Yeshua, who is our spiritual heavenly Bridegroom and the object of our affection. What’s more, all of Shavuot Northwest’s biblical teachers have been celebrating the biblical feasts for years, and in some cases, for decades. Because of this, they’ll be able to share a great wealth of biblical understanding with you for your spiritual edification and for the glory of YHVH.

Not only that, because Shavuot is a divinely mandated and sanctified time, be assured that the Spirit of YHVH Elohim will show up during the special times of praise and worship to empower, to heal, to melt hearts, to inspire, to fill, to overflow, and to impart joy and divine gifts. YHVH is faithful every year to meet in a special way with his people. Please don’t miss this event! If you come with an open heart seeking your Father in heaven, you will meet him in a special way!

While there will be teaching from knowledgeable and articulate Bible teachers at Shavuot Northwest, there will also be times for questions and answers, sharing of insights and discussion.

This a participatory event. All are invited to participate in the praise and worship (bring tambourines, drums, flags, shofars, cymbals and your dancing shoes). This will be a great time to make new friends with like-minded believers, and to make new, lifelong friends as well. This is a family-friendly event. Kids are welcome. Outside of our meeting hall is an entire park with all sorts of playground equipment for kids of all ages and nearby Murase Plaza is a local favorite spot on a hot day for getting feet wet and playing in the wading fountain. There is plenty of room to run and play!

Register now for Shavuot Northwest 2014 in Wilsonville, Oregon and we’ll see you in the upper room!